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Feet Care – top tips that everyone should know


Our feet should be a source of pride to the rest of our physical bodies. Without them, it would almost be impossible to move from one location to another. With this said, it is time you also played your role towards your feet. They will not be able to deliver perfect services to you if not treated well. Most of us sometimes subject our feet to pain and torture without knowing it. For instance, wearing inappropriate shoes for long periods of time will cause negative effects. To avoid these, it is good to know how to take care of your feet.

How to take care of the feet

Clean your feet regularly

This should be prioritized even when you are not ready to take a shower. Instead of the usual, scrub and rinse routine, you should use a pumice stone. Cracked heels are a menace that no one is prepared to deal with. This is what the pumice stone is for. If you are not for this idea, there is an alternative; creams and lotions. You can use them on your heels after taking your bath.


Wear protective footwear

It would not make any sense at all to wear open shoes when going hiking. Dress your feet appropriately whenever you are going out. Another hilarious example is wearing hiking boots when going out to lounge by the pool. This is the time for your feet to breathe as well as relax.

What is meant by protective, is perfectly fitting shoes. A tip to always consider is to have some space to wiggle your toes if it is closed shoes. Ill-fitting shoes are only a perfect recipe for bunions and other problems on your feet.

Always keep them moisturized

Apply effective and genuine creams and lotions on your feet before bedtime. You can then seal this moisture by wearing a pair of cotton socks. Besides, this is the best way of keeping warm on a cold night. Dry feet are a perfect recipe for painful cracks around the heels.


Have a pedicure every once in a while

A visit to the spa often is a sure way to take good care of your feet. Professional pedicurists have what it takes to give your feet what they deserve. Soaking them in a basin of warm water with natural ingredients will go a long way in ensuring comfort for your feet. A pedicure is not only some luxurious treatment with no motive at all. One of the motives is to improve the current state of your feet.

Have them massaged before sleep

You can choose to either do it yourself or have someone do it for you. It is most effective when someone offers to do it for you. Massaging your feet helps in the circulation of blood around your body. Massage should be done after a long day because it helps one relax. It is also one way of calming your nerves.

Foods that are good for breast feeding


With the correct diet plan, you can do a lot of things. You can lose that unwanted pregnancy weight, as well as provide for the special needs of your child. It isn’t just important to eat well during this crucial period for your child’s sake. You need all the energy and health possible. You need to be ready for the demanding life of being a new mom.

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Eating well is important for your child, and also crucial for you. You are starting a new chapter in your life and will need all the energy you can get, to keep up with your new growing child. The ideal thing would be to change your diet before you are breastfeeding but sometimes during pregnancy for one reason or another, we can’t always do that. We are not suggesting that you should go on a diet while you are pregnant, simply that you should be focusing on eating right for your child.

Eat whole grains

What you need to focus on is eating a lot of whole grains. You can find these anywhere; you don’t have to lo ok too hard. One of our favorite ways to eat whole grains is through the common cereals.

Eat vegetables

Vegetables are always an important part of your diet. When mentioning vegetables, it’s imperative to understand the difference between raw and cooked vegetables. Raw vegetables will always have more vitamins than cooked.

Eat fruits

Of course, we have to talk about the importance of fruits too. But who needs to be encouraged to eat fruit? It is such a natural, as well as delicious way to get a nice energy boost without the sugar drops that you might experience with other things.

Other foods to eat are

Focus on getting a lot of iron, protein, and calcium. Theseldsldvmlsdvmlsdmvldmsvldsvmlsdmvlsdmvlmsldvmsdvsdvsdvsdv aren’t difficult to find in everyday foods. You might think that iron is a difficult one, but you can find it in figs, cashew nuts, sesame seeds, and even special k cereal. A mother should have up to three quarts of water per day, but should be careful not to overdo it as too much liquid can reduce milk production.

Be careful about not eating too much while you breastfeed. You might just be taken in a lot of unneeded calories. Some professionalism of the past has recommended taking in 300-500 calories when it just depends on your body, its needs, and how active you are.