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It is time to support another passion I have. It's Running & Racing.
This page will have information on upcoming races, pictures of racing, &
a podcast of my new radio show "Running & Racing" which will be live
on the air on KCSB 91.9 FM (www.kcsb.org) every Thusday
4:30-5 PM.
Tune in and hear the experts talk about how to get started running, how
to overcome injuries, and how to race.
We will also have prizes to giveaway if you tune in.
Here's some pictures of The
Wildflower Triathlon at Lake
San Antonio. Tim has a two
beer holder on his bike and yes
there are naked runners. You
Love running The Wharf to Wharf
race in Santa Cruz. Been doing
the race since 1990. My family,
(wife, son, daughters, and
grandkids) have joined me since.
I'm a proud man.
Why do you run? I run
because I still can.
The reason I run is because in 1984 I drove
up to Lompoc to watch the Olympic Torch go
by on it's way to LA for the games there. I
watched and actually held the torch because
the guy that had that part let me hold it. I
looked at myself a 33 year old ex track runner
that had gained too much weight. My family
was about to expand and I realized that if I
wanted to watch all my kids grow up I better
start running again. Thanks Olympic games,
you have inspired me to run for my life and it's
become my passion. Long may you run
Kelly Zirbes and Casey Reagan
and I talked about why I run.
Why do you run??? Tell me.

Ironman Canada Race “Report”
Posted on August 31, 2012

Inspired by my friend, Steve, and my conversation
with radio host, Leo Schumaker, I decided to make
the following my one and only race report for
Ironman Canada. Enjoy!

Becoming an Ironman – By Z

The cannon went off, and I knew it was here

the day I had been dreaming of, for over a year

Countless hard days, had gone into the making

Today was my chance, mine for the taking.

I gave dad a hug, and told him to stay safe,

turned to the water, and practiced my faith.

“With my flesh and my soul, and this cloth armored

help it become iron, with my heart’s full pursuit.”

As the swim battle began, I knew I’d survive,

The bumping, the hitting, and the ass slap ‘High-

I stayed thoughtful and calm, to keep myself safe

And with no sharks in the lake, I was in a good

I saw the first site of many, that could be like no

Watching the sun come up, over my sisters and

A beautiful light, crushing through the highest peak

Illuminating the town, and the spirit of the athlete

The swim I did finish, with a dull broken finger

The pain wasn’t bad, I didn’t need to bicker.

With the swim task now done, I ran up the shoot

to Olga and Helda, who man-handled my suit

Into T1,with a WHAM, ZING, KAPOW!

Actually: 10 minutes went by, and I don’t really
know how

I thought I moved faster, and didn’t feel that slow

Something for me to work on, for the next Iron

I got on the bike energized, my legs ready to give

But some people tried slowing me, by asking about
the shiv

‘Let your head drop, and do what you must.

The black mamba’s speed is best viewed from the

I rocked my heart rate for the entire bike race.

My body did what I needed, whatever the pace.

Steep hills, big thrills, and the best of my plan

To live just one song, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s, A Simple

Forget your lust of the rich man’s gold

All that you need is in your soul

And you can do this, if you TRI

All that I want for you my son, is to be satisfied

And be a simple kind of man

Oh be something you love and understand

As the bike ride finished, on this fraction of the

I celebrated the opportunity to be part of her

And in that race moment, with all that would sink

I knew I was fortunate to ride with conviction

Into T2, high from my ride

I knew there was one more element that I would
need to survive.

My first marathon, carrying pains that wouldn’t

But I recalled in that moment, some call me The

As I’m running on the course I knew it wouldn’t
take long,

to run into my family, ‘Quick- look strong!’

As I ran past all of them, they all got high-fives

Then out of town I ran, with their cheers and their

Out on the road, going down to Skaha Lake

I knew I could run to the finish, to my destiny and

And with spectators galore, and aid stations every

The thing that helped the most was any kid’s smile

My first half was great, I didn’t think of the time

‘Just one foot in front of the other, to get to the line

Stick to your guns, your strengths, whatever the

And never forget, this race is your blood and your

The second half was tough, but I thought I would
make it

Just needed a pick-me-up- anything created

With a shout-out from Kate, I didn’t need some new

She reminded of my Tri family down in Santa

And now with my whole world watching, and my
info updating

I pushed through the pains- didn’t want to keep
you waiting!

It was the happiest I had felt during the whole race

Knowing that I was making you proud, and putting
a smile on your face

As I made the final turn, along Lakeshore Drive

I knew it would become a moment where I was
immeasurably alive

Cheers and whoops, and cowbells from the stands

I soaked in the finish line, and became an Ironman.

To my Mom, Dad, and Andrew, Aunt Carol & Uncle

thank you for being there, literally dusk until dawn.

And to all those who texted, emailed, and cared,

I thank you for your words, your thoughts and your

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