Health is wealth. A healthy body keeps a healthy mind. These age old adages we have heard time and again. The health issue is plaguing advanced and developing countries equally. In developed countries, the average weight of people is increasing while their health and fitness are on the decline. On the other hand, in developing country, the health standard of individuals is decreasing due to malnutrition and inaccessibility to quality health care systems. Health experts and government officials are concerned about these issues. In both advanced and developing countries, many health policies have been promulgated to tackle the menace of deteriorating health standard of humans.

Public health education is importantlmasmclamcslamsclmalsmcascascascasc

Reports reveal that until and unless people themselves don’t take care of their health the issue of lower health standard will prevail. It is aimed that people be made aware of the means that can help them to attain and maintain good health. From extensive literature study, we are of the view that public’s interest in health can be improved if they are educated and made aware of the difficulties they will confront if they will have poor health.

Educating people about health

The above goal can be achieved if in school’s syllabus health-related education is made compulsory. Meanwhile, if already such topic is present then these should be made more comprehensive and time to time improvement be made. Mass media can disseminate the information about good health to the masses at large also.

Effective law making

While health screening is compulsory in many countries lmasclmascmlacmlamclascascasbefore getting a job. Legislative should make laws in which health screening be made mandatory to the people getting married also. This will greatly help to maintain good health standard. Blood screening, HIV, Hepatitis test will not only save the other partner but also will safeguard the coming generations too.

Changes in health care system

Drastic variations in the health care system are required in developing countries. Doctors and paramedical staff should be instructed to guide people in a compelling and coherent manner when they visit them. The government, semi-government, and private hospitals should display information about different means to improve health on their walls. Government and non-government organizations should take out rallies to highlight the health issues.

Local representative should guide people

Local government and their office bearers should run health awareness campaigns. They should also arrange such sports activities in which good health may bring prizes for people.