Leo's "Bluesland"( Your University of
The Blues) with your host Leo
Schumaker is on Thursdays 8-10 PM
and web streams at
This website is about my passion, the
blues. I will present pod cast's of my
blues radio show "Bluesland", videos,
comics, and link's to other sites of
blues content. I take requests on this
site at
New on this site
will be a page for
my passion for
running. Go to my
Leo's "Running &
Racing" page.
I hope you enjoy listening to "Bluesland"
on KCSB. I really am glad to have the
blues in my heart and hope you will send
me your requests and listen to the show
on the podcast.
Tell me where you listen to "Bluesland"
from...the webstream, the radio, or the
facebook page.
Tonight, Saturday July 6, The great
guitarist Albert Lee will be joining
Hot Roux at The Carrillo Recreation
Hall starting at 8 PM. This is a show
put on by The Santa Barbara Blues